Ready to Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Your Body - Society Isn't Your Blueprint

Own the Skin You Are In | taught by Fonda Clayton
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Fonda Clayton
Fonda Clayton
Feminine Power Broker

About the instructor

Fonda Clayton is #1 Amazon Best Selling Author of Stop Giving Your Power Away, creator of the Juicy Life Show podcast and coach for women. She teaches women who seem to have it all, but who feel empty, to trust and know their bodies and possess personal power.

"Women compromise, instead of telling their truth. When we tell our truth, we are powerfilled and unstoppable."

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Have you ever felt like society's story of woman doesn't fit the full story of who you are?

Instead, it feels like you are wearing someone's shoes? They are cracked, barely have soles and definitely no support...

What if it were possible to wear your own shoes? Ones that were specially made for you on this walk called: WOMAN.

This minicourse tackles this very conversation.

Like life, it is bumpy and perfect, just like YOU.

Course Contents

6 Videos
1.0 hr